Global Read Aloud

As I prepare for reading initiatives for next year, I wanted to promote a program that supports curriculum and of course fosters excitement and a passion for reading. With that in mind I would like to let you know about a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Global Read Aloud (some of you already do). If you have heard of it and are participating skip to the bonus section.

If you have never heard of this program here is a quick overview. Via ISTE: “The premise is simple. During the set six-week period, participate with educators and students worldwide in reading the selected books. Then, find some way to connect with one classroom or several who are reading the same book.” Connection can be through writing letters, email, skype, hangout, Twitter, through FB or anything else you and the students come up with. This can be done once, twice or the whole 6 weeks.

Here’s How:

  1. Signup
  2. Select a book from the list
  3. Sign in to your @shorian account-for my elementary shorian teachers only
  4. Fill out this form to receive your book-for my elementary shorian teachers only

I really appreciate this comprehensive lesson that Emily. S, a Technology Coordinator from a Denver Elementary School designed. Take parts of, or the entire lesson, and adapt it to your selected book. It includes the CC standards she designed her lesson around.

BONUS section: If you are a teacher in my school, I will purchase a classroom copy of this book for your use if you fill out this form by next Friday, the 6th of May.

EXTRA BONUSI am always available to help you explore/facilitate any skype, hangout, online chat, or twitter session between you and another class across the world.