Networked Learning Project:


Currently within my Masters program I’ve started a blog, where I get to post almost all of my (mistakes) writing assignments. I’ve created a video presentations in a half an hour, refer to tweet #yikes. Now I get to pick something new to learn by utilizing a network. The fact that our project is so broad has me pretty excited! With each of our projects being more difficult than the last, this assignment had to be easier. The two sources we could use would be YouTube and online forums. Seriously, this was getting easier by the second. I knew fairly quickly that I wanted to learn a new language, as this has always been a goal of mine. In order to keep my goal attainable I decided that learning basic French phrases in order to navigate as a tourist would be my undertaking. I actually have no concept of all the phases this might consist of, intuitively though I knew asking where to find the nearby restroom, eatery and ATM were going to be top on my priority list.

Accomplishing My Assignment

The first thing I noticed when trying to find resources on YouTube for learning basic French terms, was that I didn’t really know which video’s were going to be the best ones to use. Although I knew how to use YouTube, I haven’t really utilized it for more than listening to my favorite music or to watch a bit of comedy. I know exactly how my students and own teenagers use this resource, as I have had much schooling on “I saw it/ learned it on YouTube”. In terms of “how do you know who Kevin Hart is” to my 15 year old daughter, “I saw it on YouTube, mom”. “How did you know how to hack through our school firewall and get to Facebook Tommy”, “I learned it on YouTube”. These children would also comment that they subscribed to individuals that they learned things from or enjoyed. They were building knowledge from all types of people that shared their similar interest. So now I am not only starting to learn the phrase, I do not speak French (a top 5 phrase on my list) I am also starting to navigate and build a creditable network on YouTube and French forums. Hopefully this will help me in accomplishing my goal by the end of my four weeks. Stay “tubed” for my progress, as for now, au revoir.




How to Learn French Online for Free

by ‪freelanguageorg. Retrieved June 29, 2014, from


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